Here is the post you all have been waiting for! The arrival!! Well the plane was very different. Leaving at 10pm made the anticipation absolutely horrible. Of course we got there early and had to wait for the plane to arrive and whatnot. Somehow my friend Hollie and I got to sit next to each other by switching with this sweet English girl, she gave us all the info we needed for our next three months during this 8 hour flight. The plane pretty much had netflix on it so we could watch movies the whole time. Unfortnuately as much as I tired to sleep, I failed. So we arrived at noon on Tuesday and I was pushing 24 hours straight awake. We did all of our welcome activities and moved into our homestay. Image

We have this quaint little house in Kentish Town. Four stories high. Everything in London is smaller and very crammed. We have a fourth floor room with our own bathroom, it is very nice! After lugging our luggage upstairs and unpacking (our four total suitcases) we were ready for sleep. But as we kept being told, going to bed early was not going to solve the jetlag. So instead we decided to take London by storm. Most of our friends are living in Muswell Hill, about a 20 minute bus ride from us. We bused over there and went to the pub. Take this, we had never traveled London public transportation, had no phones, and of course there was a detour amidst our street. So getting there and back was a struggle to say the least. But hey we made it out alive! We had to learn at some point right? We woke up today with no more jetlag and perfectly accustomed to the London time. Today was a little less eventful, did some orientation, met with the police who tried to scare us out of doing anything stupid, and had a sightseeing tour of London. Of course the pub was added in there too. We have a pub in our own school, how awesome is that? But the sightseeing tour of London was awesome, it hadn’t really hit us that we were in London yet until today when we saw all of the stereotypical sites like Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, London Tower, and so on. It is kind of overwhelming knowing there is so much we want to do in so little time. I bought a cheap little european phone over here for European contact, only 9 pounds! This thing makes my parents phones look new, something they had back in the olden ages I think. But it gets me through to contact to my friends out here so I can’t complain. And hey London gave me my first legal drink. These first two days have been great, once I do some more exciting stuff I’ll be sure to post! But before I end this, let me tell you… so much walking here! Just to find the phone stores I swore we walked two miles but it was so beautiful and we could look at all the shops it did not feel so far. It will equal out for the beer here haha!! Here are a few pictures of today, taking photos from a bus was not ideal…. More to come soon!