This was our first weekend in London! On Saturday we had a scavenger hunt, actually it was more like a sightseeing tour just to get us used to riding the tubes and to see some of the places. We visited Buckingham Palace, of course it was right during the changing of the guards so it was packed. We caught the end of it, but I plan to definitely go back. We went to Harrods, where I could only dream of shopping in the future. And lastly, we visited Platform 9 3/4 out of Harry Potter. This was something I had wanted to do from the very beginning. I can only imagine, knowing some of the people I am with, how many times we will go back. They have turned it into a huge tourist attraction with Harry Potter Shop and all. It was a great way to learn the city. These buses still confuse me at times. Image


The rest of the day my friend JJ and I went around Trafalgar Square and Picadilly Circus, trying to see the area. It reminds of me Times Square kind of. Not because there are large buildings but because there is so much going on around you from plays to giant signs to restaurants to people passing out pamphlets about every little thing. You wandered around and saw more of the city. That night we experienced Camden Town as a whole, I won’t go into the details because nobody wants to know about a college students weekend nights. But Sunday we did waste our day away by sleeping in until 1 pm, I do not remember the last time that this happened. We needed it, between the late night and the messed up sleep schedule we have had it was needed. Once Alicia and I woke up and realized we didn’t want to waste the rest of the day we went back to Camden to experience the Camden Market. They have all kinds of small shops and tourist places, but this place is CRAZY. You can find anything you could want here from gothic capes to beats headphones to spring rolls, they literally have it all. Though it was very crowded it will definitely become a Sunday regular thing to people watch. We then did a little shopping at Primark, cheaper than Forever 21 which I never thought would be possible. I will be lucky if these clothes last me a month though, they really are that cheap. I found shirts for 1 pound, about $1.50. It was getting late so we decided to head to this cute Italian restaurant in Muswell Hill with our friends Anna and Nadine. Alicia and I had told ourselves we needed to stay in and do our readings for class and woudl not be going to the pubs. This didn’t happen…. There was American football to watch! We went down to a casino and watched all the NFL games from today. Since we are 6 hours ahead the Pack didn’t start until 9:30 here. Long story short we ended up missing the last tube home and had to night bus it back. It is now 1:30 AM here and I have yet to do my readings, I should do that now!… Sorry teachers if you read this! Overall it was a great weekend experiencing the city, we are finally getting our bearings and realizing that live in LONDON!