Also to add onto my last post I wanted to tell you about a few differences that the English have over here. I thought the language barrier wouldn’t exist since I was going to an english speaking country, oh was I wrong. Yes the language is the same but some terminology is different and those accents, they can be challenging at times. I say ‘wait what’ more times than imaginable. Or smiling and nodding, that usually does the trick too. 

1) Jelly in America = Jello in England, telling them we were going to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches really gave them a shock in the beginning

2) They don’t actually say ‘ello. 

3) You use the toilet, not the restroom.

4) Do not tip!

5) You go to the underground for the tube, not the train or the subway… the TUBE

6) Rubbish is garbage, and you put the rubbish in the bin (not the trashcan)

7) If they don’t recycle over here they get charged

8) All students have to wear uniforms, but they also can stop schooling at the age of 16 if desired

9) We eat cookies while they eat biscuits. If you want a biscuit for breakfast that is just not healthy.

10) Pints are served at room temperature more often than not

11) Do not speak on the tube, you are considered crazy if you try to make friends or converse

12) Walk fast, do not stop on the sidewalks (called pavement here) or else you will cause a long line of angry Englishmen

13) There is such a thing as umbrella etiquette

14) They do not have drinking fountains, and if you want to order water at a restaurant you must say tap water or else they will charge you for bottled water

15) Public toilets are not free (mom this one is a warning for you when you come out here!)

16) Everything is smaller. They fit the same amount of stuff into houses/rooms/cars/spaces that are exponentially smaller than our spaces. 

17) They drive on the wrong side of the road, but don’t worry they have writing on the streets telling you which way to look so you don’t get hit by a taxi…. because no they buses and taxis will not stop for you 

18) Englishmen can tell we are Americans just from our teeth, they know way before we even speak. Thank you orthodontics! 

19) I have realized I am far too loud. My normal voice hurts everyone’s ears out here. I have learned (or am trying to learn) to be quiet… this may be a joke for some of you at home but I really am trying, because when all of us Americans are on the tube together it is kind of obnoxious how loud we are

20) The pound conversion rate sucks. 

Well thats all for now, I will keep you updated with more in the future as we get more adjusted and find silly differences!