As much as an amazing time Scotland was and how awesome Paris was, my day today may have topped all possible days. Over the past few weeks everyone on our trip keeps telling us they have seen Rupert Grint in this random church by the tube stop. Nobody ever believed them until we yelled his name and he turned around and saw us. People started knowing that he took he smoke break every afternoon at 4pm, well today we decided to stalk him a little and meet him. IT WAS SUCCESSFUL! Right on the dot he came outside and we got to meet him. I even got to hug my childhood ginger crush. He is definitely older than back in the days of the Sorcerer’s Stone, but today actually happened. Dreams really do come true in London! 


Also, last night for our communications class we got to go to this amazing Indian restaurant. I was hesitant because I was not sure curry was my thing. But it was incredible. It was Thanksgiving but Indian style. SO MUCH FOOD! Literally from the samosas and salad first and then chicken and lamb second and then bread and curry later we were all so full on our tube ride home. These past few days have been incredible experiences overall. I can’t believe it has already been five weeks, I might have to come back out here for another semester!