We leave tomorrow!!!!! Its 830 here and I have done absolutely nothing to prepare, haven’t packed yet! I did print out my ticket so that should count for something? Rome for three days, Venice for three days, and Barcelona for three days! Honestly, I am writing this blog post to procrastinate studying. Who puts a marketing test the day we leave for break, no possible way I will be able to focus at all tomorrow (nobody tell my prof that please 🙂 ) But I cannot afford to bomb this test, I am here to study… right?

We went to Wicked on Tuesday night. It was absolutely amazing! I am definitely turning into a play kinda person, its weird! Despite it being almost three hours long the songs were incredible and the outfits were amazing, jaw dropping. This is my farewell if I do not survive this trip! I will report back in 10 days telling you all our adventure stories, four girls taking on Europe, what could happen? Actually… don’t answer that! We leave in T minus 22 hours on RyanAir, another scary part of the trip! Using cheaper gasoline to fly so that they can keep their prices low, but who can complain when you get a ticket for only $30 to another country.


Okay time to study, and pack, and shower, and eat dinner, and study some more! Ciao bellas.