We got snapped back into reality this week. Back to homework and quizzes instead of exploring other parts of the world. But coming back has not been the worst thing, I am so happy to be back home in London, ready to explore the city some more. Monday was full of jet lag and catching up, thankfully our classes got cancelled on Tuesday so I got the day to go shopping. With Halloween coming up we had the day to find cute dresses and plan out our costumes. Those days in London are the absolute best, no time crunch to get back for or no need to do anything, just time to roam around and get lost in London for the day. I wish we had more of them, but rather that silly schooling is getting in the way.

For extra credit in class in the beginning of the semester we had the opportunity to make videos of ourselves in groups going on a scavenger hunt to places around the city, describing how these places relate to our classes and objectives. Thursday between classes we had a party with all 50 of us and watched all 10 groups of videos. Our video was based on a James Bond movie. Here is the link if you want to watch it, but remember we are not actors nor film editors by any means. 

Thursday night was Halloween!! I LOVE Halloween. Six of us dressed up as the Real Housewives, and since they do not have the show out here we turned it into The Real Housewives of London. Pearls, giant wedding rings, aprons, little black dresses and heels in tow. I even had a wooden cooking spoon to enhance the look. It was so much fun seeing everyone all dressed up and celebrating. Although they just don’t do it quite the same out here. But our home stay lives on a street where all the little kids come door to door dressed up, back home my house is in the middle of no where so we never got kids. Hearing the doorbell ring so many times in one night made me kind of thankful for that. Although I did love all the costumes.

This morning, Friday, we had a long day ahead of us. We had to meet everyone at 930 this morning for an Inns of Court Tour. It was very informative, but just way too early to be functioning the day after Halloween. We got to see the working places of lawyers in England and Wales and learn about how their court systems work, actually very different than back home. But the atmosphere was amazing, I would not mind working in a place that relaxing, or maybe we would never get anything done? After that tour we had lunch at this amazing burger joint, still does not compare to Blue Door though. Then we got a tour of the Lloyds of London building in central London. I assumed it was the building for the bank, but really it is just a HUGE building with all the ‘inners’ like the elevators and pipes on the outside. Very weird looking but it makes it unique. It is a home for insurance brokers and whatnot. It was cool to see a place where all the businesses are together and in order to make contracts they just walk over to their desks rather than communicating online. It is the only place in the world like this. I learned so much about insurance today, way more than I even imagined. 

This week has been a great week back from break, but I have so many more things to look forward to! Tomorrow is my 21st birthday and we are celebrating with a pub crawl around central london. My parents had said that they wanted to do a pub crawl, I wish they could attend this one with me! But they arrive Monday!!! I am so excited, the anticipation is killing me. They will be here for a week and we can do all sorts of fun things. Don’t worry everyone I will report back with stories. Hopefully nobody gets injured or put in jail with the three of us taking on London. I’m even going to force them through the crowds of Oxford Circus and bring them to Primark, hopefully nobody has a panic attack in that scary scary place. 

On a side note, I have been sick this whole week. The amount of vitamins and cough syrup I have taken is probably not healthy, but as long as I can stay healthy through the end of next week. On the other hand, if I had to get sick I’m glad its when I can have my mom take care of me. Also, this is kind of gross but bed bugs are in our homestay! YIKES! We seemed to have brought them back with us from our midterm break, so our room had to get fumigated to exterminate all the bugs. He is coming back next week again to double up. But all I can hope for is no bed bugs come with us across seas to UST. Sorry girls of 2090, I do not want bed bugs in our house or else Fred will probably kill us all. Sorry to end this blog on a sour note, but there is so much fun coming up nothing can keep me down! There is just so much that I do out here, but I don’t want to bore everyone with my rambles of our sleepovers with Nadine and Anna or what we talk about in class. So buh bye for now, but expect an amazing blog about my parents and my turning legal over here in the UK!