Okay everyone… I have not updated this in over TWO WEEKS. So here it goes, I do not blame you whatsoever if you get bored of reading it though. I will try to keep it brief and entertaining for you.

I think I left off around Halloween time. Great holiday by the way. But that Saturday was my birthday! YAY 21! Time for my first drink when I get home. Almost all 50 of the LBS students went out on a pub crawl, I could not have hoped for a better birthday with them all. My roommate, Alicia, even got me a little cake to celebrate with.

The rest of the weekend we went into Camden Market for the best greasy food you can ask for and watched Friday Night Lights all day. Surprisingly, our host mom is an avid watcher of it and has every season for us to watch while we are here!

Monday started as usual but I got to see my parents that night! I skipped my night class, whoops! and went to meet them at the hotel. They were only a few blocks from school and after going to the wrong hotel once we finally got situated in London! They had been traveling for a while by that time so they were exhausted and I think happy to hear English for the first time in a long long time. With them in the cities, we got to do a lot of the touristy things I had not done yet. Without class on Tuesday and Wednesday, we got a lot of time to tour the city! We went to St. Paul’s Cathedral, its over 300 years old. Compared to a lot of the cathedrals and basillicas I have seen, it is not nearly as old but it is amazing all the same. Same place that Princess Diana got married and where Margaret Thatcher’s funeral was. I showed them around Trafalagar Square, Leicester Square and Picadilly Circus and we ate traditional fish and chips at a pub for dinner. We lucked out and got tickets for War Horse for Tuesday night from my school for a cheaper price than we could have ever bartered down to, so we go to see a show in London. I don’t think my mom could have been happier.

Wednesday we started out with a true english breakfast of beans, bacon, eggs, toast, and so much more. They are absolutely HUGE. We toured Westminster Abbey along with hundreds of other people, I swear that place is never not busy. We had to take a look into the infamous Harrods. We even got hot chocolate and coffee on one of the levels, not worth the money if you ask me. My dad and I toured the British Museum and by that time we were sacked out. I normally do not take naps during the day, but with them waking me up so early and wearing me out, it was much needed. We experienced Chinatown for dinner that night too, something I wish I could have access to daily.

They jetted off to Paris for Thursday and Friday. I do not think they like those French too much. They got their Ipad stolen in the metro so they came back a little sulky and swearing at those French! But I got to see them for the weekend before they had to fly home Monday. We attempted to go to the Beefeater Distillery but to our misfortune they were under construction so we couldn’t see how the gin was made. Sunday morning we went to Camden Town, this seems to be a weekly routine in my life now. But with them we discovered so many more places than I had ever seen in my time here. We ate SO MUCH FOOD and saw so many cute shops. It made me want to completely redesign my house with the British decorations, but getting those home would cost a fortune. My favorite part with them may have been going to the casino and watching the Packers game on Sunday night. We met a lot of British people who were packers fans and got to eat and drink for practically free, with my coupons of course. Such a local I am. I had to say goodbye to them and head to class on Monday. It was a sad morning, but I think they were ready to get home and sleep in their own bed. But this last month will FLY for me I know and by the time they know it, I will be home decorating Xmas cookies for them and drinking hot chocolate by the fire. Who knows, maybe you guys can get me back to the lake to watch packer’s games outside this winter.

Thursday me and 12 other girls headed to Dublin for the weekend. My mom was a tad jealous of this trip because she is very Irish. I had to see where my roots came from! We arrived Thursday night and of course had to go experience the one thing that everyone does in Dublin, drink. We went to a traditional pub with live music. It was amazing but made London look cheap! Those drinks, I tell ya, were expensive! If you have seen P.S. I Love You with Gerard Butler, you will understand what I mean here: In the movie he sings to Holly an Irish song. I have no idea what the name of it is. But the performer on Thursday night sang that exact song and I freaked out just a little bit. I met a few people who go to Trinity College here for the grad degrees and they taught me all sorts of Irish songs and taught me some local slang. On Friday some of our friends went to the Cliffs of Mohr but I did not want to spend 12 hours on a bus so the rest of us toured Dublin for a bit  and did the Jameson Whiskey Tour. I did not think I liked whiskey, but after that tour I don’t hate it at all. I might even dare to say I like it! We got to see how the old distillery was used and how they made it there. Even got a free drink out of it. We did a little bit of shopping, Dublin is so small in comparison to London we felt that everything is so close to each other, it was awesome. Saturday all 13 of us got back together and planned to do a walking tour. When we got to the meeting place they told us that they don’t take groups of more than 10. Even if we split up we were not allowed to come on the walking tour. This is the absolute stupidest rule I have ever heard and they will be getting a HORRIBLE review on travel advisor in the next hour. We decided to make our own walking tour while reading signs and pretending to be our own tour guides, it actually ended up working better this way. We saw the Dublin Castle, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Trinity College, and Christ Church to start. I absolutely loved Trinity College and would love to do my grad school there, just an idea mom don’t worry! I wouldn’t mind being around the Irish accents all day either. We did the Guinness Storehouse tour that afternoon. Now Guinness I did not like as much as the Jameson, but the tour was so interactive it was awesome. We got to pour the ‘perfect pint’ and pass their schools. I recommend doing that tour to anyone who is ever in Dublin! And Sunday we flew home nice and early in time to do some homework (or go on Facebook) for the afternoon.

Here are some pictures from the past two weeks! My friends all have better cameras than me so I let them take the pictures usually so that’s why there are not too many here! Also, my dad took most of the pictures with the family so he has those if you are dying to see them!

My birthday!!




Mum and dad:


Jameson Distillery tour:


Christ Church:



Trinity College:

trinity college

Guinness Storehouse:


The PERFECT pour according to The Guinness Academy!

perfect pourguinness

I will be home on December 14th for everyone that was unsure! And in Waunakee until the end of the month so I expect to see everyone for the holidays!