So today I was thinking about all the things that I am going to miss from London and all the things I am excited about for when I get back to the states. It is still an ongoing list but this is what I have come up with:

Things I will miss in London:

-The night bus

-Pret A Manger

-British accents

-Everyone being so kind and willing to help you to where you are going

-Being able to fly wherever you want for less than $100

-Primark and Top Shop

-Being able to walk around aimlessly and be entertained, find a landmark, or be intrigued by the area around you

-Always have some traveling or sightseeing to do. There are still places I wish I could have gone!

-My 49 other LBSers with me!

Things I won’t miss in London:

-The sometimes nasty smells that you come across on the streets, mostly urine

-Long tube rides in the morning

-British sarcasm, I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND IT!

-The exchange rate

-Having to use a converter for all my stuff to plug in

-The 6 hour difference to friends back home

Things I miss from home:

-Buffalo Wild Wings boneless wings

-Being able to shop for everything at one stop, like Target

-Having my own room

-Being about to walk across the street from campus, a 5 minute commute max

-Waunakee, WI

-My family ❤

I am sure there is so much more stuff, but I am focused on registering for my classes now. I will add more stuff in a bit when I have thought about it more!!!

In three weeks when we make our way back to the states, it definitely will be bittersweet. I will be so happy to see everyone and celebrate Christmas with my family, but I know in a week’s time I will be missing the hussle and bussle of London and this whole amazing area. Also, those cheap flights to EVERYWHERE in Europe on RyanAir, we seriously need something like that in the states.

But tonight I am going to the Hunger Games premiere in Leicester Square at midnight, it is going to be a long night with class tomorrow but completely worth it! There are over 20 of us going, so if we all fall asleep in class tomorrow then its okay, right?

Also, I have to most likely check a third suitcase to come home with, which is very unfortunate. I should have thought it trough a little better because I brought two suitcases here completely full to the brim. And with the shopping that has happened in these last few months, I definitely need a suitcase. I will be taking donations if you are willing. Since half of that third suitcase is presents anyways!!

I miss you all! Just think, in three weeks I will be a legal adult getting happy hour with everyone and taking on Madison AND St. Paul by storm!