Last night we got back from our two day trip to Southwest England of the Baths and Stonehenge. We left bright and early Friday morning, fighting rush hour traffic with luggage and came back last night just to see the tubes were down. It was eventful but these trips with all 50 of us are by far the best ones I have gone on.

I was excited to see the Baths and Stonehenge, it looks just like the pictures. Friday morning we started out with about a two hour drive to Avebury. We saw a crypt that was over 5,000 years old that they are pretty sure around 48 people are buried there. Creepy because there were 47 of us on the trip. Thankfully we all came back alive! We also went to the largest stone circle in England in Avebury. It went around the whole city with rocks about 20 feet apart from each other. These things were so old, but HUGE. Our guide, Russell, said that the largest rocks weighed up to 60 tons. How on earth did the people move and bury these things?! We then headed over to the city of Bath for some free time and lunch. We were all starving so we found a cute pub to eat at. We met the group for our audio guided tour of the Baths. There is so much information that we learned other than just going and looking at all the baths. And there is so many filled in there. We were not supposed to touch the water because it is unclean, but we did it anyways. Wanted to get a little bit of history while we were there. Proceeded to sanitize our hands seconds later though so we wouldn’t get meningitis! I wish we could have had more time in the city Bath because of all the shops, it it actually a super cute town! We were running late (of course!) and Russell took us on a speed walking tour quick. At some points we were running to catch up with him. But we saw some of the famous historical houses where writers and painters lived. We stayed at a small hotel literally in the middle of nowhere, but they fed us a gourmet three course meal for dinner so we could not complain! That night we played a huge group game of mafia. When you play for seven hours you really get to see everyone’s competitive side! I hit the hay at 2am, but some people stayed up till 4 because they were so into it.

On Saturday morning we got a nice breakfast from the hotel and hit the road by 815. We went to Glastonbury Tor, which is a huge hill overlooking the cities where many beheadings took place years ago. It was quite the hike up the hill, but we all made it and got to see the breathtaking views, and not because we were out of breathe and it was cold! We then headed to the town of Glastonbury and toured the Abbey where King Arthur was buried. We took some free time in the city, only to realize it was a witchcraft city to put it lightly. They had potions, broomsticks, tarot card readings, and all that kind of stuff in each storefront. Kind of creepy. We left Glastonbury and made it to Stonehenge where our guide was adamant about how they are changing the tour center. The parking lot and gift shop are literally right next to the historical site, they are currently building a new one to open in a month where all visitors have to park there and then walk a mile and a half to the site in order to get the full natural experience instead of hearing cars in the background. But even with the noise it was beautiful. Russell took us on a long walk to tell us stories about it away from the huge crowds of people. It was an awesome experience to say we got to see the famous rocks of Stonehenge! 

We got back last night in order to change and get our stuff together for a night out! It is sad to know that we leave in less than three weeks now. I can’t focus on that or else it is upsetting, we just have to make these last three weeks the best they can be. We are going to tea at Harrods this week and then leaving for Switzerland on Thursday!