Late last night, I got home from one of the craziest, most amazing, thrilling weekend of my life. Our group of 50 students took a trip to Interlaken, Switzerland where I became the daredevil I knew I truely was. Although I missed Thanksgiving with my family and was sad that I missed them, I did get to spend it with my new London family out here.

We left Thursday afternoon. We even got classes cancelled for the holidays! But travel days from London get to be so long! Our bus ride to London-Gatwick airport was just about two hours, then we had an hour and fifteen minute flight to Basel, Switzerland and then had to take another two hour bus ride to Interlaken, Switzerland to arrive just around 11pm on Thanksgiving. SInce we got in so late, we did not get a proper dinner that day, but I did get to Skype my family to hear them celebrating the holidays the right way, with the whole family in tow.

After sleeping that night, we were ready for a weekend of thrill. Our hostel is ranked to be one of the best in the world, and it did not disappoint at all. Interlaken is known for extreme sports, so we had to experience it all while we were there. Friday at noon I decided I better skydive, why not right? Me and six of my friends went skydiving through the Swiss Alps (video is at the bottom). It was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever done. I was in the third group for our skydiving group so I got to watch a bunch of other people jump before me. In the first group of four, two of the girls came back crying and one even threw up…. Not a good start to our day seeing them freak out when they landed. The next group of four were so excited and absolutely loved it. We saw the plane fly up 13,000 feet and these tiny bodies just zooming out of the plane. When it was my turn, I was terrified by so excited at the same time. It was a 15 minute flight up to the clouds and then when the light came up, we jumped! My tandem partner was Nick, and I could not have asked for a better guide! We had a 45 second free fall through the sky, then the parachute came out and we floated our way down to the ground and landed perfectly. I loved it and would do it all again in a second. Where else is a better place to skydive than the Swiss Alps right? Thursday night we got a Thanksgiving dinner with a lot of people at our hostel, including turkey, potatoes, gravy, and veggies. It was good but just could not compare to the normal meals back home! 

Saturday I did not have any crazy things planned, other than to night sled down the mountains, but there was not enough snow so it unfortunately got cancelled. Instead, we decided to walk around the city of Interlaken and see the city. We tried Swiss chocolate and were tourists for the day. Interlaken is between two lakes, thats how it gets its name. That afternoon we went to Lake Thun and saw the beautiful views. It was a very chill day but it was fun to relax and sip hot chocolate by the fire in the cold Alps.

Sunday we had to wake up early and be daredevils once again. At 9am we went canyon jumping. Even just writing about this makes me anxious. I did not enjoy it quite as much as many other people did. We had to jump off this tiny platform around 90 meters high. We free fell down into the canyon and FINALLY the rope caught us during our free fall to swing through the canyon. As we fell, it felt like forever. I literally was falling, with nothing to hold onto, and just waited for the rope to catch. It was horrible and I hated it…. But I am so glad that I did it in the end. Our bus to the airport came around 5pm and the rest of the day we hung out and sat by the fire. With our long commute back to our homestays, we arrived around 1am and were exhausted. Class today was not enjoyable whatsoever. I literally cannot express how amazing this weekend was, so thats why I have videos to prove it!!! Be aware, they are scary and you might think I died during the canyon jump. But I am alive! 






Before the jump:




Lake Thun: