We leave in 5 days… I still cannot believe it. I am so excited to see my friends and family at home for the holidays, but I am going to miss this London lifestyle so much. In an ideal world I could come home for the holidays and then just come back for second semester. This group of 50 students that I came out here with have been absolutely wonderful, I could not have chosen a better group of friends. They are practically family now.

Since Switzerland, we have done so much! No crazy adventures to other countries, but we celebrated our last weekend as a big group. Last night I slept for 12 hours and went to bed at 8:30pm if that explains our weekend. We had our final presentation for Business Ethics, so I am completely done with one class! We have our COJO presentation tonight then art history exam tomorrow and marketing exam Thursday, then I am done!! What a weight off of my shoulders…

Tuesday night we went to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was on the completely opposite side of musicals than Les Mis. It was good, but a little odd to say the least. Obviously I had to eat a Wonka Bar while we were there! Wednesday was my last day at my volunteering site, I can’t say that I will be sad to go but I will definitely miss the people that entertained me every Wednesday for the last three months. Once we were done on Thursday with classes, all 50 of us decided we had to celebrate together. We also had two birthdays this weekend so we had to make it memorable. Saturday we had to day trip to Leeds Castle and the Rochester Christmas Market. Aside from the crazy crowds, it was so much fun. There was not much to do there other than shop and eat so I got a huge brat and some soup, it was almost on the level of the Minnesota State Fair but not as large. Then Sunday we woke up bright and early and went to Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace. It was something that we HAD to do while in London and would have been so mad at ourselves if we had not seen it while were here. The rest of the day was full of studying and napping and then going to bed super early.

This week is our last week of classes. I wish we had ended class this week and then had a few extra days to tour because right now we either have to decide to study for exams or do our last minute touristy fun things. And to be honest, I will probably decide to go do the touristy things because when will I be in London next? I will not always remember the nights we stayed in and studied but we will remember the fun, exciting things we did around London. (Don’t kill me mom and dad!)

I am so split about leaving here. I will always remember this semester and how much that we did. It was such an opportunity of a lifetime that not many people get the chance to do. As much as I love Minnesota, it will just never live up to London.

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