Well I have survived the flight and my first night in London. Our flight took off at 5pm and we landed right around 8am London time. It was a quick flight of watching movies and attempting to sleep (which did not happen). I watched three movies which really made time fly, along with getting spoiled by sitting in economy comfort. You can never go wrong with free alcohol and food.
Since I did not sleep on my flight at all, I was exhausted my whole first day in London. At 8am London time, it was 2am back home and we stayed up the whole night. With a quick nap, I checked into my hostel and we went out for lunch at a local pub. It is a old church turned into a pub, one of our hangouts from our last time in London. That night we went out to a pub with live music in central London- definitely a good time for our first night. The London nightlife is one thing that I really missed during my time back home. Everyone here is happy and welcoming and loves to have a good time.
Now my hostel is awesome. I am in an 8 person dorm with a few friends I have met and some random people. Many people think hostels are sketchy or bad, but I really enjoy meeting people from all around the world and the travel lifestyle. I am very excited to stay in hostels this trip. I have met a great bunch from California and Australia. They have a bar downstairs, meals served, and great amenities for our use! Although at times I wish I had a friend with me, it has forced me out of my comfort zone and meet new people.
Now today I realized why I was so upset to leave London. It is an amazing, buzzing, cultural city. We woke up today and went down to see Big Ben and Parliment area. We attempted to ride the London Eye but it was completely booked- got tickets for tomorrow though! Instead of going on the Eye we walked along the Thames River for some time and saw all different sites- some I hadn’t even seen last year! Then we went to our hangout for NFL games- the Hippodrome Casino and watched both the Packers and Vikings win! A proud moment for a Wisconsinite/ Minnesotan. After a few hours there I have finally made it back to my hostel and am hanging out in the lobby with my new friends.
A few things I have learned along this trip so far (and its only day two!)
-We need sleep but we can sleep when we are dead, when in London using your time to see the city and have experiences is all I can ask for
-Cider is cheaper than beer- something the states needs to adapt
-I take laundry for granted- its only been two days and I already want to wash my clothes, but it comes with the territory I guess.
-Going out of your comfort zone and meeting new people makes the experience 10x better.

Traveling and staying on your own is a HUGE learning experience for me. I am learning more about myself this trip, I only know it is going to get better. I hope to keep you constantly updated this trip- every few days! Or else I will forget what I do each day!