Hi all-

First of all I apologize for my misspelling for the last post. It should have said “I Found My Home” and since I do not have my computer out here I have no idea how to change it. But London has been everything I expected and more, so much fun and I would love to be able to work out here someday.

Last post I was sitting in my hostel bar with the friends I made, it was such a fun time. The next day, Monday, we went to our old school and visited the staff who went on trips with us and made London the experience it was. It was great to see them and reminisce about past times and catch up. Then my friend JJ and I went on the London Eye. Definitely worth the wait. The view from the top is incredible and you can see all over the city.

That afternoon, I got to meet one of my cousins and his wife for drinks. I have not seen my cousin Patrick in years. His wife is originally from London and they are here on holiday. Such a coincidence! So for a few hours we met and chatted with them about everything you can imagine. It was such a great time to be able to spend time with family over the holidays.

That night we went out with JJ and Ty’s host sister in Camden and went to a bar there. My sleep deprivation is definitely catching up with me.

Tuesday I took a roadtrip to Essex, about an hour from the city. The driver is on the opposite side of the car over here, it really threw me off the whole time I was riding alone. And they drive on the opposite side, I only had a few heart attacks along the way. That afternoon I went with a few girls from London out to a shopping center and shopping the afternoon away. That night I needed a night of good sleep so I went to bed early while the boys took a night out on the town.

And that brings us to today! I checked out of my hostel early and am now at my old homestay from my last trip to London. I will be here for the next two nights. It is definitely nice because I will not have to lock my stuff up and will be able to take a nice hot shower!

Tonight is New Years Eve! Not 100% sure what our plan is all day but tonight we are going to the fireworks in Central London. From the past videos I have watched, they are incredible. That will be a great way to ring in 2015!

Friday we leave for Marsailles, France for the start of our 16 day long ‘class’ throughout southern Europe; France, Italy, Greece and Turkey. Wish me luck!

And to continue on with the tradition here are a few things I learned:
-British, Australian, and American English are all very different. The words I have learned these past few days are comical to say the least.
-Living out of a suitcase is less than desirable
-British LOVE American accents

Happy New Years to you all! xoxo