Well I have been slacking a bit on this whole blog posting business, I guess. It has been an amazing first few days of our trip and we have been insanely busy. But I have finally found some time to update you all on all the crazy and amazing things we have been doing out here!!

Last update was New Years Eve- we went to the New Years Fireworks in central London that went off at midnight to bring in 2015. It was such a great sight, definitely something that I will remember for the rest of my life. That was a late night and we slept in super late! Much needed.

New Years Day was our last day in London 😦 We went to all of our favorite places from when we studied there and packed everything up. At 4:45 on Friday morning our cab picked us up for the airport. That was one of the longest days of traveling. We landed around noon in Marsailles, France to meet up with the beginning of our class!

Starting last Friday my January term class officially started! Woohoo! I am taking a theology class that travels around Southern Europe- I am in Rome now and we travel all around Greece later this week and end in Istanbul. We met our whole class on Friday and got to know each other with bottles of wine in hand. Saturday we flew to Rome to start our actual class. We checked into our hotel, which is right next to the Vatican, literally steps from it. But is has VERY spotty Wi-Fi so when you get it you have to use it!

Sunday was our first day of “class”. We did about 15 MILES OF WALKING that day. We traveled everywhere. And it was a rough day after a long night of going out in Rome. We saw things like the Circus Maximus, Roman Forums, Colosseum, Arch of Constantine, and Musei Capitolini. We also got to experience some traditional Italian foods and gelato! It was definitely a plus to being back in Rome. My favorite part was seeing the Colosseum again and getting to walk around with the crazy tourists. I did buy a ‘selfie stick’- it is a stick you attach your camera to that goes out about 2-3 feet for a better picture taking experience. Dad- I bartered it down from 10 to 5 euros, I know you would be proud!!

Monday was another full day of walking, in the double digits again for miles. We got to go inside the Colosseum and did a full day walking tour of Rome. Saw things like the Trevi Fountain (which is under construction 😦 ), lots of churches and temples as well. We had a full group dinner at our hotel which was so amazing of chicken, potatoes, pasta, wine, and creme brule. So good! We went out in Rome to the bars that night, when in Rome, right?

Then today is Tuesday! We got up bright and early to go to Pompeii! It was such a great time and experience. It was a 3 hour drive there but definitely worth it. We walked around for the whole day with our professor who knows more about history, religion, and architecture than anyone that I know. We were supposed to leave on the bus at 8am but our room woke up at 8:07am because we slept through our alarms. I don’t think I have ever gotten ready that fast in my life. We sprinted to the bus only to realize we weren’t the last ones to the bus.

We are just hanging out in the hotel now, going to the Vatican and St. Peter’s Basillica tomorrow. We leave Rome for Athens on Thursday.

We also get our first paper to write tomorrow. I forgot this is class. But I have met some amazing people on this trip. They are currently harassing me while I write this. Not quite sure why I am friends with them. Just kidding. I am not sure I have laughed more in my life than with these girls.

A few things I have learned:
-I am pretty close to being cold blooded- everyone here is in winter jackets and I am out touring Rome in a sweatshirt and jeans
-I have an addiction to WiFi, it is a highlight when we have access to the internet
-Americans are VERY loud, it is not just a stereotype
-I know for sure that I want to live abroad, whether it be right after college or three years out or grad school- I am absolutely in love with Europe

Hope this entertains you for a while! I am having the time of my life over here. My flight home is on the 30th, hope to see you all then!