Well looks like you guys are getting a second dose of me in a just a few days! The Vatican and the museums were unreal. I had already been there but seeing the Sistine Chapel and all of the art was still a once in an lifetime experience. It was such a great day to go to the Vatican. We climbed to the very top of the St. Peter’s Basilica- about 600 steps up to the top and got to see the best view of the city possible.
After we got done with ‘class’ we went shopping in Rome (because we had to). But of course during our walk back we got absolutely soaked by the rain. I think it was a sign that we weren’t supposed to leave yet. We got our last bit of Italian food and gelato and said our goodbyes to Rome last night.
There was another IAU study abroad trip where we were staying in Rome and were supposed to leave for Paris yesterday but there was a terrorist attack that prevented them from going. Don’t worry mom I will be safe! No going to Paris for me- never liked the city anyways!
This morning we headed out for Athens. It was another hour added to our time- so we are now 8 hour difference from Minnesota. It’s kind of a difficult thing to be! But we landed and checked into our hotel and got some yummy Greek food.
Now we are settling in and trying to figure out which clothes are clean and dirty. Living out of a suitcase is not exactly ideal for me.

Random thought of the day:
Now my parents do not take me seriously when I say I want to move to Europe. But after discussing it with so many people it has become so much more real. Question for everyone out there- I am supposed to start at Target on June 22 and I can either go to Australia for a few weeks before Target OR just move to London after graduation and work there forever.
Mom and dad- don’t kill me.

I have an addiction to traveling and straying away from a corporate job is absolutely terrifying to me. But I am only young once right?

Everyone please tell me your opinions. I need some help, and time is of the essence. Being out here has only made me want to drop everything and never come home (but I only have 12 credits left for my degree so I have to come back)

I will post pictures another day but we are heading out to go take Athens by storm.