Well Greece has been amazing so far! We landed in Athens on Thursday and stayed in the city for a day and a half. We toured the Agora and Acropolis- which is the home to the Parthenon! We then did a weekend trip through Mycenae, Olympia and Delphi. We got to see all of the archeological sites and museums there from honoring Zeus to Apollo. It was super informative, but sometimes you can only see so many temples and theaters! My goodness!

I am so glad that I got to visit all of the places though, they are definitely beautiful cities that I would not have visited on my own. They are such historical landmarks that are amazing, we even go to see one of the seven wonders of the world in Olympia! Even got to see where the Olympics started as well. Such good areas!

We have definitely experienced the culture of Greece as well. I cannot count how many gyros I have eaten these past few days, but they have been so delicious.

We have had one paper for our ‘class’ we are taking here- I got a 90% and with my senior slide I am so very happy with that. Just three more papers to go! And I am about to submit my second one in tonight. Sometimes I forget we are out here for class and not just to tour the countries.

Our time here has absolutely flown by, we are over halfway through with our class! We end the 18th and leave for Crete tomorrow morning then fly to Istanbul for the last three nights of class. I am so excited to see both of those areas. Crete should be beautiful and most likely our last area of warmth for my trip.

Funny thing that happened to us in Athens a few days back- my roommate woke up with bumps and was very itchy all over her legs. We were convinced it was bed bugs. If you have ever had bed bugs- you know how horrible they are. I would never ever wish that upon someone. They are horrible. But thank god we realized she was having an allergic reaction to something like the detergent. So after a night of moving rooms and searching for bugs in beds we finally got a good night sleep without any bumps or bruises. Hallelujah we are free from bugs (hopefully for the rest of the trip too)!

I really would recommend to everyone to study abroad, do whatever you have to do to get across the pond while you are still young. It is such a learning experience about yourself and who you really are. From classes to learning how to travel, I have learned more about myself my two trips abroad than I ever have in college.

That is all for now. But one last thing- GO PACK GO! We watched the game out here last night and Rodgers pulled it out for us!!