Well we have successfully landed in Istanbul. We only have a few days left on this trip and it has flown by. Since my last post we have done so many incredible things.

We headed to the Greek island of Crete and stayed in Heraklion which is a small coastal town. It was definitely different from being in Rome or Athens. Almost our whole time there it was raining, which was the only bummer. Our time consisted of running the streets and hoping we wouldnt get blown over. Our one day trip in Crete was supposed to be a tour of Knossos which is a Minoan archeological site. We sprinted through it and instead took a road trip to the Southern coast of Crete where it was supposedly not raining. That wasn’t completely true. We definitely still got wet.

Then today we flew to Istanbul from Crete with a layover in Athens. We really have had our fair share of traveling and flying this trip. It has become a love hate relationship that is for sure. I am a pro by now about security and customs since we have done it so many times.

Tonight is our first night in Istanbul and our hotel is completely five star beautiful. It is right in the tourist district which is nice so it is not as sketchy to go out and explore. But there is a full Turkish bath, sauna, steam room, and spa here. They are hoping we don’t want to leave the hotel and I think they may have succeeded.

I have to say I am a little hesitant to be in Istanbul but going places outside of my comfort zone is good for me. Outside of this class I would never have come to Turkey and I am thankful that I actually have decided to come here.

We have three nights here and then the real fun begins. No more waking up before dawn to walk twenty miles around the city. We have definitely burned off all the carbs we ate in Rome.

This trip has absolutely flown by and it has been amazing. I can only hope that Turkey is just as amazing as the past few places. I am sure it will be, we are going to the Hagia Sophia tomorrow which I am very excited about. Then Saturday we get to visit the Blue Mosque. Just to name a few places!

One thing I learned, but I may have already said is that Americans are LOUD people. I know I am loud but my goodness we are like herding cattle when we get all 40 of us together. It is so loud and we constantly get shushed by people on the street. I guess that happens when you mix alcohol with college students.

I hope everyone has been braving the cold back in the states, it has been pleasant here for weather- I haven’t worn my winter jacket since London!

Wish me luck in Istanbul! XOXO