Class is officially over! I am currently typing this from Budapest, Hungary after taking a three hour nap. I could not be happier, I loved the class overall but my goodness it was exhausting. We had to wake up early everyday and toured all day from 9-4. It was a great learning experience but definitely exhausting.

Turkey was so fun, definitely recommend everyone to go there if they have the chance! On our first day in Istanbul we toured the Hagia Sophia, Yerebatan Sarayi, two archeology museums, and the Blue Mosque. We had some traditional Turkish food. The food experiences were definitely an experience upon themselves but it was awesome. I was always glad to have boys around me, it made me feel safe. But a lot of what is said about Turkey is extreme, in daylight it was such an amazing city with so much culture and buzz about it. That night we went out to a club in Istanbul but we went over to Asia Minor, so I have visited two continents this trip!

The next morning was an early morning, especially after going to bed at 5am! Maybe that is why everyone on our trip is getting sick, we don’t sleep.

The next day in Istanbul we toured the Topkapi Palace and two more mosques of the Islam culture. We also got to visit the Egyptian spice market and the Grand Bazaar. Those markets were amazing, I found so many souvenirs for people back home! And some for myself as well. Since they have some amazing tea, I HAD to buy some.

For our last night, we had a farewell dinner with everyone from our trip. It was a nice way to end the trip. Who knew that in only two weeks I could get so close to this many people. Most of the students on the trip go to St. Thomas with me so I will get to see them around but I also made a lot of friends from Pennsylvania, and who knows when I will see them again.

I think the story of the trip happened this morning though. Everyone left at different times for the airport. And of course everyone hung out and drank together the night before so everyone was sleep deprived and possibly still a little tipsy. My roommate had a flight that left at 6:30am and she left for the airport at 2:30. I got a knock on our hotel room door at 3:30 saying that she had accidentally taken my passport. Not the best news to wake up to. So at 3:30 this morning my friend Katie and I took an hour round trip ride to the airport to go get my passport from Jenna.

Thank god I did not have to leave for the airport until 6am so I had time to figure it out. But we flew out of a different airport than her so it was a slightly sticky situation. But I made it to Hungary so it all worked out!

We got into Budapest around noon today and checked in to the Radisson here. It is a great hotel with a great location. We took a nap when we got here because it was DEFINITELY needed. After that nap we went out to the bar area of town to check it out.

Tonight is an early night for us but tomorrow we are heading out to tour the city! Hopefully doing the baths and seeing the city. Along with doing laundry, because that NEEDS to be done.

Off to bed now! I will be home in 12 days, it is bittersweet! I miss Chipotle, driving, and not living out of a suitcase but I never know when I will have this opportunity again. Gotta live it up while its possible!

But one last thing- for these next twelve days I am traveling with boys the whole time! Yikes right? But hey I will always be safe. These guys are really great and I have been traveling with them the whole class already!

Wish me luck!