Well world, I am finally home from the adventure. It is very bittersweet. While my time abroad was amazing I was definitely missing some of the smaller things that the states have to offer. Like free water and ranch dressing. But also living out of a suitcase really does a toll on you. But I know in a few days I will be itching to go back abroad and wish I had never come home.

But our last stop on our adventure was Berlin. Berlin was a very happening, upbeat, historical city. We got there on Tuesday in the afternoon and checked into our hotel which was super classy and definitely 5+ stars. We walked in and everyone was there for a business conference in suits, and we walk in looking like stereotypical backpackers. We kind of just chilled that first day since we had a long time in Berlin and wanted to wind down. Wednesday we slept in (HALLELUJAH!) We had not slept in all trip so this was a treat. Then during the day on Wednesday we went to the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Building which is their parliament, climbed the Victory column for an amazing view of the city, visited the Halocaust memorial, went to the very top of the Radisson Blu downtown and got another great view of the city, and finished off the day at the pub. It was an eventful day with lots of history. With all that we had learned about the Halocaust, it was kind of a downer on the day but I am so glad that I got to see and experience everything that we did.

On Thursday we got to sleep in again. Then we visited the Berlin Wall. The section we visited was the longest section of Wall still standing, I think it was like 1.6km all decorated with local artists portraying the war. We tried to go into Checkpoint Charlie which was the checkpoint for the allies during the war, but we only looked from the outside since we were very museumed out. We ended the day at the Hofbrauhaus in Berlin with some traditional beer and sausages from Germany.

We definitely learned how to use maps in Berlin. Between the buses, trains, and walking around we used more maps in Berlin than I think the whole trip. But wandering around the city may be the best way to learn everything and see site that you might not have seen before.

And Friday was our flight home through Amsterdam. Of course our flight from Berlin to Amsterdam was delayed so we were worried that our connection time would be too short. We flew through the Amsterdam airport and through customs but we got there with plenty of time. Just my luck I got stopped for a random bag check on our second flight and they took everything out of my bag and went through it all. Right after I had nicely packaged it all up! I guess I look sketchy or something. But I finally made it home last night and tried to beat jetlag by staying up late to celebrate my roommates birthday. We will see how my body adjusts to the 7 hour time difference.

Classes start Monday for everyone so I always have that to look forward to.. NOT. But I am happy to be back and seeing everyone. It was such a trip to remember and one that I will never forget. Huge thank you to my parents for making it happen and always being supportive of my choices. I hope this blog entertained everyone and made them feel just as if they were on the trip with me!